Titled:The Poverty Trap. If you catch grammatical errors below tell me so I can fix it. thx!


This image is speaking me about the incarceration of the poor and the dire straits some of us are left in due to the abject poverty we face from birth. There is a high probability poor people could become new slaves to a corporate owned correctional systems because the greed of corporations and the lack of resources/support in poor communities. Even more so, because of the abundance of drugs that finds its way off planes, boats and trucks into these communities, these drugs which fuel the “easy money, hard time choice,” as I call it. A choice some poor choose to make to survive at the cost of gambling with their freedom and future rights as citizens. This artwork sings about the bleak PTSD plaguing the people of poor communities; yes PTSD, the very same mental disorder that ravages the minds of highly trained soldiers coming home from a tour in a war zone. This has been prevalent in local war zones/ housing, where kids and grownups who can’t afford better surroundings have little choice but to stay because of low rent.

With monuments to the vacant rubble lots on every block, the prized buildings that once housed vibrant upstanding workers who formed proud communities, only to see their jobs leave and abandoned homes take their place how can one find hope. With these eyesores that stand hollow and open to remind us of the people who have been snatched into their abandoned shells to die at the hands of predators. This Art piece shouts about friends who died from stray gunfire and dreams of lost love ones that will go unfulfilled because they will ever know one more day to grow older and become something more. An opportunity is all one can ask for, an opportunity to escape these mean streets of Chicago and be off to college and become a slave to debt rather than a slave prison. To get away without being brought down by the PTSD, getting shot over a city owned Street corner someone clams as their turf or dying from a GSW because of the colors on an article of clothing is not too much to ask for, is it?  Someone reading this might think these thoughts weigh heavily upon the head of someone like me but to the contrary I believe life has made me a stronger breed of person and after all I’ve made it through, I refuse to be stagnant or silent, I will Sing, Speak and Shout through my imagery…and not just Hope for a better future I will make one.

I am Blu of Blu Tint Photography


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