FED up!!!

Tired of people complaining about rapers or a few millionaires who aren’t teaching their children how to be men and women in their entertainment MUSIC or SPORTS …just think about that for a sec…I know it’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard for not parenting and making your word as parent LAW.
This is not about what some stranger is saying in their “MUSIC” or what one man with a couple of hundred million can do for “YOUR” child. If you as a parent are not teaching “YOUR” child that entertainment is just that or that they can’t rely on some magic man with money to come save them…YOU are failing them. Stop relying on strangers who have no ties to teach your child how to be a man or woman through their entertainment or music DUMB ASSES!!! What you teach them should trump EVERYTHING else. They will still make mistakes as youth but if you ensteel in them the thought that they can navigate life, have integrity and think their way out of bad situations in a smart legal way…..start thinking people use your head for more than a hat rack. A farther struggling to get his life together and one of the last people who should tell others how to raise their children. Far from Perfect


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