A brief story about a small business owner

Titled: A brief story about a small business owner

I’ve gotten use to people being afraid to take my business cards when I kindly introduce myself out of the blue. Here I am giving away one free step counter with each of my business cards. I started with three boxes of thirty step counters this day….I still have two boxes of thirty left….Sad. I could barely give away a free gift without people being scared. What’s that about?

Don’t tell me people aren’t use to receiving free things on the street as a means of drumming up business. Tell that to the red bull, Chocolate candy and coffee people who hand us all things that we gladly ingest in front of them. Also stopped by the police three times this day. lol (Sigh) I guess my signs weren’t big enough. lol

Anyways Share this post help me boot awareness of my small business http://www.BluTintPhotography.com/ I’ll keep pushing you keep spreading the word. thx Blu1 BluTint-ad

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