Putting to rest misconceptions about race.

To my friends who think it’s about them when I mention systematic oppression, It’s NOT about you, no one is blaming YOU for something that’s has been around for years on end…..

About The Systematic Oppression of Black People is not about you So don’t take it personaly Helpout – http://shar.es/1aPvaE  via @sharethis THIS is exactly it from both views… people aren’t hearing us individuals who are talking about racially systematic oppression because they are shutting down when the conversation starts thinking we are talking about them. Taking what we are saying about a system as a whole, very personally, believing we are directing our comments towards them. We are in a manner of speaking but no really.
We can make changes to the system on our own but if we have individuals from all sides watching to insure that changes are being made it would be swifter. Calling others out on what one sees as questionable behavior, which we as humans beings are trying to move away from is the start of that conversation.
Standing up for human rights with your counter parts, rather than thinking it’s about one’s self.
Simply put, you weren’t around when this system was started nor built to what it is today, so you have no hand in that. However, you are around to see what it is doing on a daily basis, so you are around to truly help change it for the betterment of all man kind.

Again It’s Not About You Because You Didn’t Make This System.


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