We are the ones who have disenfranchised our own communities. We are the ones flying the drugs from overseas into a jobless neighborhood after having sex parties thrown for us by drug cartels. (CIA) We are supposed to be stopping because the war on drugs is important and we set up drugs to feed a prison industrial complex. To create booming prison industries for rural communities. Which is the legal form of slavery too… just ask the “13 amendment” because it says so. Heck don’t get me started on guns, yep we are the ones flooding our neighborhoods with them, just as some Warring African nations are doing in the motherland. Sarcasm ….
We are the ones who placed Geiger Counters in our Poor underprivileged communities in St Louis during 1950’s to spray ourselves with lite radiation and see what the effects were (US ARMY) When we did get some pride about ourselves, like the panther party. (feeding kids and teaching how to be self-reliant to our communities), Greenwood, Tulsa Oklahoma (America’s Black Holocaust), Seneca Village (America’s Black and Irish Holocaust) or Philadelphia on May 13, 1985..1985. We destroyed our own homes. Or is it all of the Shooting ourselves in the backs, being choked to death on TV, 12 yr old kid playing in a park being gunned down in 2 sec, a man shopping at a Walmart caring a Walmart item and being gunned down. Dying from a spinal injury in a police ride to the station that we are doing to ourselves. Just look at how those Gang member from 3 Warring factions coming together to stop the violence and looting how dare they…and the nerve of NOI being their to quail the violence as well.
Jobless people in America are the only thing securing your job. If these companies came into disenfranchised communities tomorrow and said they are hiring to replace people making too much money who won’t take a pay cut.  Your being on social media, facebook, youtube watching butts would flip out tomorrow with riots. These were my thoughts on 04-28-2015
and are the very reasons players are taking a knee today.

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