With your help I will become an internationally well-known photographer through the usage of the internet. Where most artist have connections to make it, I have you guys as mine. Your spreading word about the Artist-Ography of  Lieutenant Norals IV and my journeys with photography is awesome, not to mention a great place to begin an art career. Share my work with others tell them to visit.  http://www.blutintphotography.com or  http://www.blutint.wix.com/blutint Thank you for helping me get the word out .Your Pal, Lieutenant Norals IV aka Blu

12 thoughts on “About

    • I’m always glad to hear that others are enjoying my work ^_^ yes, I am based out of Chicago…. Just an artist getting the word out about his work so I can put my passport to better usage. Thank you for the response!

  1. Blu tint, thank you so much for the follow and good luck with all your own projects. I am not yet at the stage of selling my own photographs, but one day I may well get there. Am currently doing a course to hone my skills. MM 🍀

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